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Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Here’s a list of things to bring to Walt Disney World parks.

Have you ever spent a day at a Walt Disney World park and only realized in an emergency that you hadn’t packed the necessary items? Or, just as bad, gone to the parks over prepared, and had to rent a locker to store your things in or wound up twice as tired, sore, and grumpy from lugging around all that extra weight?

Feel free to print this out and use it as a check-list:

Please Note: If you’re looking for a packing list for the whole vacation, I couldn’t do any better than The Mouse For Less’ Ultimate Packing List for Walt Disney World.

The Essentials:



Credit & Debit Cards

Key To The World (room key)

Park Entrance Ticket (may be on your room key)

Hand Sanitizer (mini-Purelle, individual handi-wipes- can be gotten from drug stores in packs, or singly from KFC)

Band-Aids (at least 1 large enough to cover an elbow or heel, 1 regular size, and 1 finger size, for every 2 members of your party, per day)

Baby Powder (100% cornstarch is best, I recommend Johnson & Johnson in travel size)

Small Notepad or Large Paper (to catch unexpected character signings)

Sharpie and Ballpoint Pen

A Safety Pin

A Rubber Band

A Carabiner Clip (can be hooked onto your belt or on purse/bag strap to hang baseball cap, or small bags from)

Sunscreen (to preserve space, a small jar can be filled)

Hat with a Brim (and preferably a loop that can be attached to the carabiner)

Cellphone or Walkie-Talkie


Extra Film, Memory Cards, and/or Batteries


Mini-Water Bottle (8oz or so, bring to park full, and when it’s empty, buy a bigger bottle of water, and fill up to continue carrying- much lighter than a full bottle on a lanyard)

Ziplocs (needs to be at least big enough for your wallet, and fast passes. Quart size at least, a gallon size if you want to put more in it during rain storms, or water rides)

1 plastic grocery bag for every purse or non-water proof back pack (if it’s small enough to fit) in the party. They squish up small, and if it rains or you go on a water ride, you can pull the bag over the purse. When the rain stops, simply turn the bag inside out (dry side to the outside) and stuff back in your purse in case it rains again.

Poncho or Trash Bag (for rain storms or water rides)

Individual Flavor Packets (Celestial Seasonings, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light- much cheaper to flavor tap water than pay for filtered)

Quarters and Pennies (quarter press and penny press machines are everywhere, and they make great, cheap souvenirs. You can also make cool jewelry out of them with a small drill and some findings)

Light Sweater or Wind Breaker (it gets chilly- especially at EPCOT around the lagoon, but a windbreaker will keep you warm in most weather, and if you need anything heavier, it’s a good excuse to buy a sweatshirt as a souvenir)

Candy or Gum (preferably something that won’t melt in the heat immediately- you’ll want this in case your blood sugar drops and you’re on a ride, or somewhere else that food is not easily accessible, as well as for breath freshening)

Pain Reliever (Tylenol/Advil/Asprin- much thanks to reader Amy for the reminder!


Autograph Books

Masking Tape (for marking purchases, bottles, etc)

FastPass/Ticket Holder Lanyard

- If you prefer clean, plain water over artificially flavored tap water, you may want to invest in a water filter straw. I carried a water bottle with a filter in it with me on this last trip, and it was great because I like to carry water with me anyway, but a straw is much smaller and easier to transport if you’re not a constant sipper.

Have any other suggestions you’d like to see on this list? Drop a comment below. Also, please read the comments for even more suggestions!

Did you find this list of things to bring to Walt Disney World parks useful? Then please check out the rest of this site for more advice on how to plan a Disney World vacation.

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  8 Responses to “What To Bring To Walt Disney World Parks”

  1. what about clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the information and for publishing a nice site. I have been seeking savvy info on travel tips and may put this information to practice. I have found it hard to find good recommendations, as there are many sites with junk information. Definitely keep the good stuff flowing!

  3. Hey holly this is just for the parks not the whole trip and I’m pretty sure a smart girl like you can figure out for herself what clothes she wants to bring! :-|

  4. This is really awesome! Thank you it helps me pack at the last minute.

  5. You should also pack advil – the Florida sun tends to give me a headache – also sunglasses – don’t want to squint all day which is another headache inducer. Moleskin if you feel your feet burning or rubbing – this prevents a blister.

  6. ^ That is excellent advice, Amy. I can’t believe that I missed pain relievers as I always carry some to the parks! And yes, sunglasses and moleskin are very good ideas as well.

  7. Sunblock is a must. Also if you can find one of those lil mini hand held fans they will be your best friend.

  8. This is going to be my family’s first trip not only to Disney but far away from home, I am such a over packer when it comes to things and this list is really going to help us out in the parks. Thanks again.

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